Friday, April 9, 2010

A selection of helpful articles

Whew! Haven't posted in a long while - things got a bit hectic on the work and home fronts. So to kick things off, some helpful articles spotted in the intervening time...
How to block bad websites, from Gizmo.
Why your DVD player can't play some disks. In order to exercise greater control, movie studies pressured DVD manufacturers into splitting the world into separate play regions. NZ and Australia, for instance, are in Region 4, so a disk bought in the USA (Region 1) probably won't play on your home DVD. Fortunately, your computer is not controlled quite so heavily, and Lincoln Spector gives you some help to get around the problem.
I have long been struggling with how to create a pdf file from a web page or an html document. A very neat Firefox add-on has solved the problem. pdf edit does a very nice job, even creating a pdf from your home directories (ie, in other words, you don't have to put the html document on the web first).
One day you could well need some computer diagnostic and maintenance tools on a flash drive. Lincoln Spector shares his list. And here's a list of - seven handy tools help you diagnose and cure a wide range of Windows ills.
Confused about the mumbo-jumbo that surrounds all the hardware inside your computer case? How do you know what to buy when you are upgrading? Here's some helpful explanations about the essential bits.
Banish Seven Bad Tech Habits: Seven ways to improve your computing life by changing the way you use your computer.

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